The Da Vinci Code 4stars
This book by Dan Brown is a fast-moving thriller. When the curator Jacques Saunièr is murdered he leaves behind a number codes about one of the best hidden secrets in history which must be found before it’s lost forever. The Da Vinci Code summary

Life of Pi 4stars
This is the story of the teenage boy Pi who crosses the Pacific in lifeboat together with a Bengal tiger. During the journey – seven months long – the boy learns how to survive in the middle of the ocean. Life of Pi summary

To Kill a Mockingbird
Scout is telling a story about something that happend a few years ago when a black man was accused of raping a white woman. This happend in the 1930s. Scout’s father had to defend this man in court. To Kill a Mockingbird summary elf bar 1500 kopen

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time 5stars
Christopher is an autistic boy who one day discovers that someone has killed his neighbour’s dog. He decides to find out who committed the murder, but he doesn’t like new people and new places. Read book summary

Angels and Demons 2stars
Dan Brown wrote this book before his well known bestseller “The Da Vinci Code”. The plot is almost identical and this time Robert Langdon has to solve a murder and find a bomb located somewhere beneath the Vatican City. Angels and Demons summary


The Omega-3 Connection 5stars
Andrew Stoll writes about omega-3s and fish oil. He is a researcher who works with patients who have bipolar disorder, however, The Omega-3 Connection focuses on health and omega-3. Stoll writes about his research and explains why the fatty acids are needed for optimal health. The Omega-3 Connection summary

Your Miracle Brain 5stars
Jean Harper writes about brain research, health, omega-3s and other supplements. The right type of food and nutrigents can enhance your health and slow down the aging process, and also reduce risk of decease. Your Miracle Brain summary



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